Wednesday, January 21, 2009

grateful dead play for obama at mid-atlantic inaugural ball: setlist

the reunited grateful dead played at the mid-atlantic inaugural ball last night. for the surviving members of the grateful dead it was indeed an honor when obama, himself, selected the band to play at the inaugural ball!

for deadheads it didn't come as too much of a surprise since the band had reunited for two separate obama fundraisers/rallies during the campaign last year. and, for those of us who caught phil lesh on the "live at five" radio show just after the election, we heard lesh, himself, speculate about a possible appearance of the band at the inauguration!

while no pictures have been posted yet, here is the (unofficial) setlist:

dancin' in the streets
uncle johns band
sugar magnolias
eyes of the world

break (words from joe biden)

the wheel
touch of grey
box of rain

many thanks to the philzone forums for getting it posted so quickly!

since taping wasn't permitted, it's unlikely this performance will find its way onto live music archive ;) but, stranger things have been known to happen.


Dead_Lives said...

Hey now. I am grateful. As I predicted no Throwing Stones, a past D.C. standard:).

Dead_Lives said...

Think phil will upload the sound board?

charlie c. said...

Thanks for the list!

shbldr said...

Was Biden twirling?

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of photos from the show and the Ball in general. They have been posted at Thanks for the setlist.

Dead_Lives said...

wow. bobby in a tux. history was surely made. where's the audio??

Dead_Lives said...

thanks for the post honestunes, again, i am truly grateful. strangers stopping strangers just to share their hands;)

Cayuse said...

There was at least one person taping as we were standing near him throughout the evening. Hopefully the audio will make it out at some point. he was also recording with a HD camera so there may be video as well.