Friday, January 16, 2009

"beyond the epic run" documentary preview

if last year's release of "running the sahara" wasn't enough of an ultrarunning movie fix, get set for the release of "beyond the epic run" - a five year, around the world, running adventure!

the film documents the incredible story of serge roetheli who, together with his wife, nicole, his sole crew and support, set off from switzerland in february, 2000, and over the next 5 years proceeded to log 25,000 miles through 33 countries, across 5 continents! this running odyssey almost makes the trek across the sahara seem like a weekend long training run!

"beyond the epic run" will have an advance screening in albany next week, and another in nyc a few weeks later. in addition, runners world plans to screen the film in boston during the marathon weekend.

here is my review from the nyc screening.

check out the trailer:

and, for yet another interesting take on this amazing story, here are dean karnazes' comments on serge's accomplishment:

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