Monday, January 19, 2009

bruce springsteen's new album, "working on a dream" to be streamed in its entirety on npr!

wow, national public radio (npr) has announced that it will stream the new bruce springsteen album, "working on a dream," in its entirety - tonight (1/19) beginning at 11:59 pm! the album will be officially released next week, january 27th.

most of the songs were written while he put together the "magic" album. in fact, much of "working on a dream" was recorded during breaks on the "magic" tour last year - with members of the e street band. it marks the first time bruce has issued back to back albums in years!

also included, as a "bonus" track, is "the wrestler," theme song to mickey rourke's movie of the same name.

while excerpts from the various new songs have been available on-line, this first look at the entire album shouldn't be missed!

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