Wednesday, January 28, 2009

february 2009 race schedule

i finalized my race schedule for february and hope it comes together better than the schedule i put together for january! in january i ran no ultras, nor did i do any track races. disappointingly, there are no ultras, nor track races, on deck for february. the one marathon i had penciled in, the albany winter marathon, is now unnecessary since registration for boston closed this week. at this point, there's no urgency in trying to run a bq.

2/1 - gridiron classic, 4m
2/1 - ny ultrarunning awards brunch
2/3 - empire state building run-up
2/8 - bronx half marathon [ran boston build-up 20k instead]
2/14 - ymca sweetheart run, 4m [w/emmy]
2/15 - trrc freezer five miler
2/22 - pptc cherry tree 10 miler [hmrrc winter marathon, instead]

the month kicks off on sunday with the gridiron 4 miler. immediately afterwards, is a drive over to the new york ultrarunning awards brunch on long island to celebrate the 2008 grand prix series. then, later that day, will kick back and watch the (giants-less) superbowl :(

two days later, for something completely different, i't's the empire state building run-up. for once this season, the weather won't be a concern - ha.

that weekend, however, it's back to road racing with the bronx half marathon, race #2 in the grand prix series. this one was a tough call since it means passing up the boston build-up 20k in southport - another great race, on a great course.

the following weekend brings up the first relay of the year. emmy and i team up for another go at the ymca sweetheart run in stratford. relay aside, the race has one of the toughest 4 mile courses out there. there is only one decent hill, but mountain climbing gear is required ;)

to close out the month, it's a trip to brooklyn for the cherry tree 10 miler. if there's any reason to be happy at skipping the albany marathon, it's that i get to run this great race instead. this is easily one of the toughest 10 mile courses out there (3x the hills at the north end of the park is a great wake up call)!

altogether, 5 races (one a building run-up), none longer than a half marathon.

update: instead of the bronx half, switched to the boston build-up 20k. i also added the trrc freezer 5 miler in fdr state park.

one last change: from the cherry tree 10 miler, back to the hmrrc winter marathon!


Pam said...

See you in the Bronx. Hopefully I'll have a better go at it than this past weekend. And, hopefully it will be warmer!

ChickenUnderwear said...

When I did the run up it was like 10 degrees. That made it better. For a minute I stood on the top of the observation deck and watched the steam rise off my arms as I looked out at the city I truly felt like I owned. Have a great time!

CTmarathoner said...

I must say, the Cherry tree 10 miler will be just as demanding as Albany,which is totally flat!! Actually, am dreading those hills already... Sounds like a good schedule to bring you up to a March 1 50K!!

CTmarathoner said...

p.s. Michael is right -the best thing about the empire state run up is that it is INDOOR speed workout..

Julie said...

I did the Bronx Half last year and it was an adventure: icy roadways on the drive in, a parking spot 2 miles from the start and 30mph winds on Grand Concourse. I hope you have better conditions this year.

I'm doing the 20K Southport race as a training run instead this year. I can't find any information on what the course is like. Specifically, is it hilly?

ChickenUnderwear said...


Anything is better than the Grand Concourse in July. It was a death march


I gotta cool verification word

CTmarathoner said...

hey, Chicken --I liked the Bronx in July!!! It was my favorite summer race:( Hot, humid and sweaty!!! Guess will have to do Queens or NYC 1/2 for the summer experience..
Julie --the 20K is hilly. The first 3 miles are flat, but as you go inland, away from coast, you climb up for 3 miles. The course is a lollypop -you go down those hills..Then Miles 9 and 10 include tough, gradual climbs and 11 and 12 are flat... so it is definately a good hill workout. Basically, you go up for 3 miles and back down for 3 miles (save mile 10 is up), and rest is flat. You will enjoy it as a break from the Bronx 1/2 as you can park by the train station, and be inside at the end, but same cold, icy weather!!!

rundangerously said...

strange that jim didn't post an elevation profile along w/the course map?! there s/be one posted race morning at the train station.

the course is definitely hilly on the outbound leg. but, since it's an out and back, you get the net downhill on the way back.

i'll try to dig up a race report. last time i ran it was in 2007.

fwiw, this will be my first bronx half in the winter! always ran it in july - s/be interesting!

Julie said...

Thanks for the course info, all. God, how I love the "Internets." I'll plan my pacing accordingly.

Speaking of which, my verification word is "pacies." You can't make this stuff up, people.

johnking said...

Were you able to sign up for Boston before the cap was set?