Friday, January 23, 2009

celebrate national pie day :D

okay, maybe celebrating national pie day with riots isn't the way to go! how about a more civilized celebration with just a slice (or two) of your favorite pie :D

true pie junkies might insist on baking one from scratch - but that's way too hardcore. still, anyone interested in a "great pie" movie (no, not that sophomoric, "american pie" one) - check out college grad felicity as she waits tables in "waitress" (and bakes out of this world pies in her spare time to stay sane in an otherwise soap opera-like life).

just keep in mind, for those health conscious souls out there going overboard with extra slices may result in a huge calorie hangover in the morning ;D

while i'm not a serious pie person (cheesecake is another story, however) - pecan tops my list of favorites. second on my list would be real pumpkin pie - i will let snobbishness slip out as i look down my nose, disapprovingly, at any pumpkin pie made from canned pumpkin - ugh. third, would be a huge pile-up of various fruit pies (cranberry-peach might have a slight edge here).

no matter how you slice it (ha, you knew that pun was going to be served up somewhere in this post) - taste some pie today :D

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ChickenUnderwear said...

I am confused, as my wife is a high school math teacher, I am (painfully) aware that pi day is March 14.

See ya Sunday morning :)