Sunday, January 18, 2009

38 cobbled together miles over the last 3 days...

there's no magic to that particular number, it's just how many miles i logged over the last 3 days (friday, saturday, and sunday), without the benefit of a single long run - thanks to the incredible brutal weather pattern we've been suffering under. it's a less than ideal method of base building. but it's the only realistic option available (unless you're into treadmills, which i'm not) when the weather does everything possible to keep you indoors. this is what i managed to cobble together, slightly annotated:

friday (january 16):

got home from work and ran 4.3 miles (frigid, single digit wind chill) in 34:39, an 8:04 pace. drove over to middle school and picked katie up from cheer leading practic. headed out for another 6.3 mile (same frigid conditions, but now dark outside) in 49:30, a 7:52 pace.

10.6 miles for the day.

saturday (january 17):

got up early to drive katie to cheer leading competition, then ran 6.0 miles in 47:58, an 8:00 pace. single digit temperature, below zero wind chill. got home and read email notice that boston build-up 15k postponed until following weekend - major bummer. then drove over to the high school to watch katie's team compete and ran 6.5 miles afterwards (50:09, a 7:53 pace).

12.5 miles for the day.

sunday (january 18):

started off the day shovelling snow and digging out my cars. then ran 6.0 miles on snow covered streets in 49:26, an 8:15 pace. got katie off to church/girl scout career day and put in another 4.5 miles in 37:05, 8:15 pace. the 10.5 miles made up for the 15k that was postponed. later that afternoon, katie and i put up a shelf in her room. after dinner and watching arizona beat philly - awesome - i decided to celebrate by getting in a few more miles. this time it was snowing and dark outside. i got in another 4.5 miles in 38:30, an 8:34 pace.

15 miles for the day.

total miles for the week: 59

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UltraBrit said...

Wow! I'm amazed that you can squeeze in so much running in between running Katie around. I can't stand to run on a treadmill for any significant distance either so I have been running outside in the cold and the snow.