Monday, January 5, 2009

runner slashed outside gracie mansion sunday afternoon!

a 39 year old runner was slashed across the forehead as she jogged through carl schurz park, just behind gracie mansion, on sunday afternoon. remarkably, the bizarre and unprovoked attack took place in broad daylight in front of witnesses!

here is an eyewitness account from the ny times report:

“There was a person who was there before me, sort of kneeling down with her and trying to comfort her,” he said. He said the first man told him that the victim had said the attacker had not spoken to her.

The attacker “hadn’t really said a word,” the passer-by said, “and then continued walking northward. Kind of a deranged guy, I guess.”

The woman was distraught, the passer-by said: “She seemed to really go into shock. Her body started really shaking. Her face was kind of bloody.”

the runner was taken to the hospital for treatment of the laceration to her forehead. she was not robbed, and the police believe it was a random act of violence. the attacker remains at large!

here is the daily news report of the incident.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Talk about running dangerously!! It is easy to forget in post-Giuliani New York city that there are still crazies on the loose.

rundangerously said...

even scarier, this happened in broad daylight, sunday afternoon, with witnesses!! and no one tried to stop the guy from just walking away!

CTmarathoner said...

this is awful...and in a safe area as well. sounds like a freak incident...