Friday, January 30, 2009

the beatles last public performance, a rooftop concert at apple studios, was 40 years ago today!

it was 40 years ago today, january 30, 1969, that the beatles took to the roof of the apple studios building in london and performed live to the lunchtime crowds below. it was their first concert performance since 1966 - and would, sadly, be their last. the impromptu rooftop appearance was recorded as part to the "let it be" sessions.

while still together in name, the band members were into their own individual projects and the final break-up was just around the corner. interestingly, the beatles recorded and released the studio album, "abbey road," that summer. the "let it be" album was finally released a year after these sessions, appropriately titled it seemed, it became the "last" official beatle album.

a beatles tribute band is recreating the concert on a seattle rooftop today!

check out this youtube clip:

check out the expressions and comments of the surprised londoners in this clip:

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At the time of some great music, I was caught between a rock (night shift machinist) and a hard place (the draft). No running, no drawing, no painting, no designing, no schooling.