Friday, January 9, 2009

switching fa 50k's: g.a.c. to watchung reservation

i had hoped to visit the land of the stone cat trail races this weekend for the 11th annual g.a.c. fa 50k. but i was outvoted in this proposed endeavor, 2-1, by rob and emmy. instead, they want to run the watchung winter ultra across the river in the wilds of new jersey. that plan certainly makes more practical sense: a fa ultra ain't free if you need to spend $89 for a hotel room, and ain't too convenient it you need drive up the day before to run it. and, on the plus side, a lot of familiar faces from the local ultra running scene have already signed up for watchung!

so watchung reservation it is! or is it? within a day of our registration for the watchung winter fa 50k, the weather forecast went from dry, to wet, to outright snow accumulation! arrgh! the last thing on earth i want to do this weekend is spend 5+ hours traipsing thru snow covered trails hiding all their rocks, roots, and fallen branches (although that would be infinitely preferrable to the same amount of time slogging thru rain and mud)! so, 24 hours from now, i may or may not be out on my first long training run of the season?!

on a somewhat related note, the nyrr has taken note of the weather forecast (plan b would have been to run the fred lebow 5 miler in central park):

"A snowstorm is predicted for Saturday morning, January 10. NYRR is watching the weather closely, but we do not, at this time, anticipate any changes to the NYRR Fred Lebow Classic. If changes are necessary, we will update this website by 6:30 a.m. on race morning. Please check here before leaving the house."

so lets see what tomorrow brings...
postscript: i didn't head into the city last night for the armory track races because i was at the middle school for an assembly of parents whose kids are transitioning to the high school next year (and, i guess, officially earning the moniker of teenagers). yikes! and, i thought planning a race schedule was stressful...
update: wimped out of the fa 50k after all, but did head into the city and run the fred lebow classic 5 miler, instead.

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