Monday, January 5, 2009

36 years ago today: "greetings from asbury park," bruce springsteen's first album was released!

is it really possible that 36 years have gone by since bruce springsteen released his first album on january 5, 1973? while "greetings from asbury park" wasn't my first bruce album (that was "darkness on the edge of town"), it did introduce me to what soon became my favorite springsteen song of all time: "spirit in the night."

two years later in 1975 (after he followed up "greetings" with "the wild, the innocent & the e street shuffle" in the summer of 1973), springsteen released his breakthrough album, "born to run," - and the rest is now rock history. that album, incidentally, introduced me to my second favorite bruce tune: "thunder road."

as a brooklyn kid in high school during the late 70's, bruce was ubiquitous. he had the uncanny ability to crossover between the disco crowd and rockers. ironically, by the time i went to see my first bruce show (msg, 1980, the river tour) he had pretty much dropped off the list of my music interests. by that time i was into the clash and grateful dead (two radically disparate genres it would seem).

still, even after 35 years, catching him in concert at giants stadium last summer, he had lost none of his magic :D

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