Saturday, January 17, 2009

boston build-up 15k postponed because of weather concerns

tomorrow's 15k in ridgefield, the second race in the boston build-up series, has been officially rescheduled for next weekend. the email announcement arrived this morning:

"Due to icy conditions on the dirt road section in NY, and the forecast for snow, the 15k is postponed until the following Sunday, January 25."

seem a bit premature to postpone the race. the earlier email sent out said the final call would be made tomorrow morning, by 6 a.m. and posted on the site (along w/emails to registered runners). but guess it's better to be safe... and what's done, is done.

the new date is unfortunate. it means i'll have to miss the 15k because it directly conflicts with the manhattan half marathon. while i ran the 10k earlier this month, the first of the four races, may be difficult at this point to get in any of the remaining races (the 20k conflicts with the bronx half marathon and the 25k conflicts with the caumsett park 50k).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Frank. Happy New Year. Missed talking to you and Emmy through the PM with this new forum. Wishing you luck this Sunday. I will not be running it.

Greg (mysolitude)