Sunday, February 8, 2009

boston build-up 20k: race photos and results

wow, who would have predicted a rainstorm in the middle of the 20k? my remarkably poor showing today, 1:35:58 (unofficial), 7:44 pace, was not only my slowest time for this race - and 10+ minutes slower than my pr for this course - it may be my all time pw for a 20k! argh!

here is my race report (a bit more upbeat) :D

here are the race results from clubct.

i only took pre-race pictures, anticipating that i'd take more after the race. but, soaked to the bone, and having to get home, i didn't get a chance to take any post-race pictures :(

jim, handling race day registation.


michael (a/k/a torpedo) and brian.

dan and roy.

joe and jill.
a couple post-race (thanks roy)!

dan, dave, and joe.

rob, carl, and geoff.
one more pre-race (thanks kate)!

don, ikuko, sean, roy, and me.


rob said...

I think Roy's friend's name is Dan. He runs most of the local races.

Sorry you didn't have a good race today. Can't believe your PR for that one is 1:25, that's a superb time for that course! That rain totally sucked, I think it took a toll on everyone toward the end.

I was happy with my race, though I missed breaking 1:30 by 12 seconds. Always disappointing to miss a 'milestone' by such a small amount!

rundangerously said...

thank rob!

in better days... ran it in 1:25:40 (2006) and 1:26:32 (2005). usually i run this course in the low 1:30's - which was my target this morning.

ChickenUnderwear said...

To bad about getting all wet.

Perfect weather in the Bronx. I do remember a stray drip at about 10:30 on the way back to the car.


Pam said...

CU - I remember that same stray drip. Hope you had a good run today. Mine was mixed ... better than Manhattan 2 weeks ago but not as good as I'd like. Oh well ... next time.

Lesson learned by some shmoe ... look up when running, you never know when a light pole will jump out in front of you. Saw a guy run right into it at one of those turn arounds today. Busted his nose no doubt ... but he kept going despite the blood. I'd be amazed if he finished.

CTmarathoner said...

nice photos (thx Roy and Kate also) --you didn't mention that you had 2 long run days prior to the race. It looked like spring with the shorts!

UltraBrit said...

I can't believe you posted my photo that quickly Frank! I only just posted and e-mailed to you a few minutes ago. Great race Frank and Rob.

I enjoyed the refreshing rain! ;o) However, I did end up with a blister that might have been due to wet socks. :o(