Saturday, February 28, 2009

colchester half marathon: race photos and results

within minutes of the decision to postpone the boston build-up 25k, emmy came up with this incredible alternative: the colchester half marathon. this is a brief description from the race flyer:

"13.1 hilly miles, there will be three water & Gatorade stations, professional timing, mile marks painted on the road, volunteers on every turn, lots of hills, dirt roads, cows, rural scenery, and more hills."

the course was hilly, but the high winds were the real challenge. i finished in 1:37:44 and emmy finished in 1:40.

here is my race report; and here are the results from coolrunning.

here are some photos:

emmy and luanne.

me, w/a post-race root beer :D

emmy and vicky.

bekke and joe.

bekke and emmy.

bekke, emmy, and andrea.


Megan said...

I just heard about the Colchester half on Phedippidations. I never knew it existed and I was on the Track and Field team at bacon. Thanks for posting those pictures. I haven't been in the school since 1996. Congrats on a great run!

cdawson said...

This was a GREAT race. The snow and cold made it amazing. I will do this one every winter. The post-race meal was the best I have ever had at a race. I will recommend this race to everyone.