Sunday, February 1, 2009

go arizona cardinals!!

yes, it's superbowl sunday and the improbable happened - the arizona cardinals find themselves the cinderella team representing the nfc! but, just as improbable, i find myself rooting for them to go all the way and win it tonight. if it was any other nfc team (except, of course, dreaded giant rivals dallas, philly or washington - i'm truly that insane) - i'd probably cheer for the steelers.

but, aside from being undisputed underdogs - and i love underdogs - the cards have a couple of other things going for them. technically, i still haven't gotten over that they are no longer card carrying members of the nfc east! my entire football life frames them as part of the nfc east. now, since, 2001, every time i see a standing chart in the newspaper, i can't help but think it's just a lame typo ;)

the most important reason, however, is they did all of new york at tremendous favor and knocked off philly in the championship game! for one teeny weeny reason alone i'm indebted to the cards and, hence, find it impossible to root against them. if philly had made it to the superbowl after wiping up the meadowlands with the giants last month - regardless of whether the committed an even greater sacrilege and won the superbowl - it would have been a even brutally colder winter and endlessly painful off season :D

so arizona, thanks so much for easing the pain of the giants self-destruction a little. and here's to you guys going all the way tonight! woo hoo!!

but, before settling in for the actual game tonight, i'll head down to central park for the gridiron 4 miler this morning. and, then a trip over to long island for the new york ultrarunning awards brunch.

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