Monday, February 16, 2009

happy president's day

officially, today is washington's birthday - not his actual birthday (which falls on february 22) but rather the federal holiday to commemorate it. it's commonly referred to as president's day to honor "all presidents (even the lame and disgraced ones)" but most people associate this holiday with presidents washington and lincoln (two great ones) in particular.

for the record, it was the first federal holiday to honor an american citizen. congress tried, unsuccessfully, in 1968, to rename washington's birthday, "president's day" - and expand the focus to include all presidents. in the years since, a dozen states have renamed it.

personally, i'd stick with washington's birthday. don't dilute his legacy. if a other presidents are worthy enough for a day off, why not give each his own special day ;)


Runner Tammy said...

Hi Frank,

I love your comment about how if a president was worthy of having a birthday celebrated it should include a day off! I am already mentally set to celebrate Lincoln's birthday (which as I recall from elementary school is this week as well:-)

You should start a movement to this effect because I LOVE federal holidays (especially as a fed myself:-). In fact while I still love snowdays, I love federal holidays even more because no exertion is required (and currently my husband and I have no labor to shovel kids:-).

See you in a <2 months,


rundangerously said...

tammy, i'm a big fan of official holidays (i'll celebrate just about anything) :D

i was, ironically, at work when i posted on president's day :(

congrats on rocky racoon! see you at umstead!