Monday, February 9, 2009

45 miles over 3 days, some warm weather finally!

the sudden spike in temperature over the weekend was a great surprise. i should've put more faith in that upstart staten island ground hog (spring around the corner) over punxsutawny phil (6 more weeks of winter) - ha. it did throw my training plan off a bit because i ramped up the mileage to take advantage of the thaw. i ran doubles on friday, saturday, and sunday for a three day total of 45.4 miles in 5:53:56, which worked out to a 7:48 pace.

here is the breakdown:

friday, feb. 6, 2009:

two 6.5 mile runs. the first, on the post road, took 49:35, a 7:38 pace. the second one, after dinner, clocked in at 51:30, a 7:56 pace. net: a combined 13 miles for the day in 1:41:05, a 7:47 pace.

saturday, feb. 7, 2009:

one 10 mile run and one 4 miler. the first (wore shorts for the first time in recent memory) took 1:18:12, a 7:50 pace. the second, again after dinner, took 32:50, an 8:13 pace. this one was on the streets of my hilly neighborhood. net: a combined 14 miles for the day in 1:51:02, a 7:56 pace.

sunday, feb. 8, 2009:

one 20k race and a 6 miler that afternoon. the prior two days mileage had made me reevaluate my plan for the boston build-up 20k. instead of racing, would use it as a tempo run. the 1:36:00, 7:44 pace, was a bit disappointing, but i was happy to get in more miles in shorts - ha (not thrilled about the rain, however). that afternoon i knocked off another 6 miles on the post road: 45:49, 7:39 pace. net: a combined 18.4 miles for the day in 2:21:49, a 7:43 pace.

while this cobbled together mileage is less than ideal training (did it last month in harsher, arctic conditions for 38 miles), i'm glad to get in the volume in what has turned out to be, thanks to the lousy weather, a poor start to the running year.

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