Monday, February 9, 2009

the beatles played the ed sullivan show 45 years ago today!

it was on february 9, 1964, that the beatles found themselves on t.v. sets across america when they took the stage at the ed sullivan show! approximately 74 million people watched the program that night (almost half the population of the united states at the time)! from that "really big show," the rest is history.

the beatles, of course, went on to become rock music legends. even more amazingly, after almost 5 years, a tumultuous period where they redefined rock music, they performed in public for the very last time on the rooftop of apple studios building in london on january 30, 1969. then, just over a year later, the group officially called it quits.

check out a clip of that historic performance!


Running CT said...

They were great!
So good so simple.

susan said...

Did you ever hear the story on This American Life on NPR about the husband/wife sketch comedians who were on the show that night? They thought it was going to be their big break, and instead, all they got was an audience full of 13-14 yr olds who couldn't wait for them to get off the stage, and who didn't get any of their humor. So sad and funny...rock and roll just blasted everything in it's path...