Wednesday, February 11, 2009

brett favre retirement redux: to leave ny jets after only one season

brett favre, via his agent, who in turn made it official via an email to the jets, has seemingly announced his retirement this morning. all so suddenly (but probably expected) that the jets are hastily putting together an official announcement right now. in the wake of sacking mangini at the close of the season, and his replacement mapping out strategy for the upcoming season, it is decidedly the right thing to do (if, albeit, lamely executed). the 16 game favre era of the jets has come to a close!

not only does it free up 13 million of salary cap dollars that can be applied in the search for a new quarterback, it kicks off the start of the search for a replacement. this is a much better scenario for jet fans than watching favre anguish, hamlet-like, over the decision for the entire off-season. no doubt he still has of supporters, not the least of which happens to be the team's owner. but the unfavorable side by side comparison with his predecessor in the season-ending finale with miami is more informative.

as great a quarterback favre was (and he's headed straight to the hall of fame in canton), he just didn't seem into the game for the second half of the season. the jets need a young quarterback that will develop in tandem with the new coach and his staff.

the news broke on espn, but here is a link the daily news story that goes into the future quarterback question as well.

stay tuned: i'll update this when the jets make a formal announcement later today (scheduled for noon).

no major news from the conference calls. looks like kellen clemens will come off the bench as the presumptive choice until we hear otherwise.

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