Thursday, February 5, 2009

boston build-up 20k this weekend, instead of bronx half marathon

i just updated the february race schedule to reflect the boston build-up 20k this weekend, instead of the bronx half marathon. i toyed with the idea of trying to run all 5 borough half marathons in the grand prix this year (did manage that in 2005), but the early august date for the queens half won't make it work for me. i will, however, still run the brooklyn half (my favorite non-marathon race) at the end of may.

i missed the build-up 15k in ridgefield last month, when a weather postponement made it conflict with the manhattan half. but, i can't remember a year when i managed to run all four of the build-up races. par for me, any given winter, is only 2 (3 at best) of the 4 races, plus the blow-out 30k to close out the series. that "2 plus the 30k" may be how the 2009 season shapes up because the 25k conflicts with the caumsett park 50k.

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Morrissey said...

DOH! too late!! you know if i knew about this earlier, i would do the 20K instead!