Thursday, February 26, 2009

johnny cash's 77th birthday today

today, february 26, would be johnny cash's (1932-2003) 77th birthday. i'm new to the johnny cash fan base - having gotten turned on to his music via "walk the line," a great biopic that i watched last year. even more intense was the documentary, "johnny cash at folsom prison," which i was lucky enough to get as a christmas present.

last night i listened to that album during my 6 mile run. i even managed to catch some of the "johnny cash's america" special on the biography channel (which had to give way to the season finale of "top chef" - congratulations hosea!!). i'm also toying w/the idea of getting "walk the line" back from netflix - but joachin phoenix's increasingly bizarre behavior (and the suspect career change from actor to rapper) - gives me pause ;)

so happy birthday to you (up in heaven, i'll presume), johnny cash!

update: check out my book review of: michael streissguth's "johnny cash: the biography"

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