Saturday, November 14, 2009

2010 boston marathon filled in record time - race registration is closed!

wow, last year the boston marathon filled in late january - a record early close for the race. now that record now seems quaint on the heels of yesterday's (november 13th) announcement (on a friday the 13th, no less) from the boston athletic association that the 2010 edition has officially closed!

from the baa site: 11/13/2009


Registration for the 2010 Boston Marathon has closed. Registration began on September 9, and the Boston Athletic Association is unable to accept additional entries.

i qualified at the 2009 maine marathon last month, but didn't register until last week (following the nyc marathon). honestly, i thought that was on the conservative side. i didn't want to miss another boston marathon because of procrastination. this morning, when i read some facebook posts that boston had closed, i was incredulous!

while i'm in - and most of my friends too - there are many runners who had hoped to nab bq's at philadelphia next weekend (or even later marathons). so much for those plans! i have no idea why boston is filling up so much quicker these days - another sign of the running times :(


Meg Runs said...

I was shocked as well, sooo happy I registered in October!

Robert said...

I think it caught everyone a little off guard. I feel really bad for all those people who were hoping to BQ in Philly and the later races.

Joe Garland said...

No one should have been surprised. An email saying it was close to closing went out last week (to whom I don't know) and there was a thread about it on LetsRun. Anyone paying attention would have known that it would close much earlier this year because it closed early last year (actually, this year), i.e., people should have known that it was a new world for Boston.

I'm glad NY keeps a solid window, although it closes earlier for 2010 than it had.

Run Girl said...

Congrats on getting in. Have fun in Boston.

Anthony said...

I was hoping to re-qualify at an early Feb marathon in CA. I remember you used to be able to register until March 1. Does anyone think it is because they let too many people run for charities?

Kim said...

No. The charity runners have nothing to do with it. Charity numbers (both quantity and actual race numbers) do not affect the number of qualified runners accepted to run.

The charities are all doing a great thing, and the BAA will continue to support them. I don't think they'd ever let it affect qualified runners, though.