Friday, November 13, 2009

happy birthday chris noth!

chris noth - a/k/a detective mike logan for law and order fans - was born on november 13, 1954, and celebrates his 55th birthday today. i've been a fan of noth's since the (very) early days of law and order (before the colons appeared) when he partnered with jerry orbach (a/k/a lenny briscoe).

after a five year run, mike logan was exiled to staten island (which was made into a t.v. movie). noth wandered in the wilderness for a little while, only to turn up as "mister big"on "sex in the city" series (and its subsequent movie version) - for which we'll forgive him his trespasses ;D

noth then returned to law and order franchise, bypassing the original in favor of "criminal intent." what a high point that was for fans! but, unfortunately, last summer noth again left the law and order fold for greener pastures (and was replaced by jeff goldblum - who himself has injected new life into the "criminal intent" brand).

so here's wishing chris noth a happy birthday (and hoping he drops back in for the occasional guest spots on law and order)!


ChickenUnderwear said...

He lives near where I used to work. He is tall.

Anonymous said...

jeff goldblum - who himself has injected new life into the "criminal intent" brand

Pardon me, I beg to differ. Goldblum couldn't hold a candle to Noth or the august D'Onofrio. And Goldblum doesn't come close to being a sex symbol, like Chris Noth.

rundangerously said...

perfectly okay to differ, anonymous - we're all law and order fans here (i think :D).

noth is a l&o legend in my book - regardless of the series he appears on. d'onofrio was my all time favorite l&o character - but he's lost interest in the role over the last few years, and it shows (unfortunately).

give goldblum a chance, he may yet grow on you :D

Anonymous said...

I am with anon. There is no sex appeal in that show left.