Monday, December 22, 2008

giants defeat panthers in overtime, 34-28: secure first round bye and home field advantage for playoffs!

the giants beat the panthers in an overtime stunner last night! they secured a first round bye and home field advantage for the playoffs as a result! the giants came back from a 21-10 first half deficit to tie the score 28-28 with 3:11 left on the 4th quarter clock! they accomplished it a completed pass for the 2 point conversion! still, after all the hard work, the panthers missed winning the game, with 9 seconds left, because of a missed 50 yard field goal! the kick had the distance, but wind shear blew the ball off course - and sent the game into overtime!

the giants didn't do anything with the first overtime possession, but neither did carolina. on their second possession, starting on the 13 yard line (after a muffed catch), they put together an intense 83 yard scoring drive - dominated by derrick ward! his 51 yard gain on 3rd and 7 from the 33 yard line got the giants in field goal range. not satisfied with a mere chance to win by 3, they pushed on for the 6 points. ward followed up with yet another great rush, 17 yards, and had the giants on the 2 yard line.

nothing summed up the game as much as brandon jacobs' surge into the end zone for the final 2 yards. stopped, second effort, stopped, third effort - and finally in for the score! an amazing 2 yard "run" capping off all the ground chewed up by ward to get them there! it was an amazing come from behind victory for the giants, in a game that carolina had dominated from the 1st quarter (the only time the giants held a lead). the victory actually erased what was an otherwise impressive game by carolina! their running back, deangelo williams, scored 4 touchdowns and rushed for 108 yards!

but that just wasn't enough. hopefully, the old boys in blue are back for good (after sleepwalking through the last two weeks - and backing into the nfc east championship). no more plaxico burress soap opera distractons - just basic hard edged football! next week's game won't impact the standings either way. now it's time for the giants to start looking ahead to the playoffs.


Pam said...

They were LUCKY to win that game. They played like "bafoons" (as my girls called them) in my opinion. A win is a win ... but that was an ugly win. I'll take it, but they need to get their act together and play like they did the first 11 games of the year if they want any chance of defending their title.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

rundangerously said...


i won't say "ugly" b/c they kept it close (and were never out of it). i will say it was scary! i was on edge the entire time - and even when they tied it - still had to sweat out the panthers drive for a field goal!!

the best was the woman announcer's (on field) call about the wind shear - before the kick!! she should get weatherman (woman) of the century for that call :D