Friday, December 12, 2008

one year ago the running community lost a legend: ted corbitt passed away

it was a year ago today that running legend ted corbitt passed away. he was 88 years old and his list of accomplishments could fill a book. long associated with ultras, he was first and foremost a runner.

ted corbett was a founder, and first president, of the new york road runners. it is more than fitting that next weekend we get to run the ted corbitt 15k in central park in his honor.

this past october, the broadway ultra society (b.u.s.) held the ted corbitt 24 hour run in his honor. ted was a long time member and supporter of b.u.s - we miss him!

so take a moment to think about ted today.
here are a few observations on this day from richie. he shared them w/the b.u.s. members in this email:

Dear BUS Members,

Please be advised that one year ago on this date we lost one special human being with the passing of Ted Corbitt. I can remember almost every detail, not only of that day but of that week, like it was moment ago. Ted was very sick at the time, and in essence, it probably was a blessing that he passed. Ted was always very independent, and would never want to be a burden on anyone. But his illness would have changed all that.

I think of Ted constantly. I knew his health was failing for a few years and tried to prepare myself of the inevitable. It may work in theory but not in reality. I have visualized how special it would have been for Ted to go to Eugene, the shrine of track and field, and experience the Olympic Trials. He also would have enjoyed watching the Games at China. And then to witness this past and historical election. I would have liked to hear his viewpoint of it all

I realize I have been out of touch and fading away to some ultra horizon. But the spirit of the sport still remains somewhere inside of me. A lot of that comes from being around Ted. He was quite an influence. And probably the reason why I still will conduct the Pioneer 3-day 100-miler for Memorial Day Weekend in 2009. That event was his bundle of joy and an extension of himself. It’s a passage we should share one more time.

If you can, think of him for a moment today and his luminous smile and then smile yourself.

Take care and good cheer,

on a personal note, it was at the 2007 edition of pioneer memorial trek that i first met ted corbitt. as i mentioned in an earlier post, ted kicked off each of the three days with his personal memories of the runners honored for that leg of the event, and then he volunteered at that day's race! a truly generous and sharing man.

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CTmarathoner said...

r.i.p., Ted. I saved the wonderful Ted Corbitt memory book that we got at the 24 hour run. It is filled with inspirational articles to keep one is worth pulling out and reading again before next the ted Corbitt 15K..