Saturday, February 28, 2009

boston build-up 25k postponed because of weather concerns :(

deja vu? wasn't this the story line for the postponed boston build-up 15k last month? well another nasty weather forecast led jim to decide on this postponement:

"Due to the predicted snow, ice and sleet, the Boston Buildup 25km will be postponed until next Sunday, March 8, at the same time, 9 a.m. (remember Daylight Saving Time begins that morning - set your clocks ahead Saturday night).

We are sorry to postpone the race this far in advance, but need to do so in order to avoid paying rental and custodial fees for the school. Also, this will allow people to alter their training schedules accordingly, getting in a long run tomorrow before the storm is set to arrive.

This decision was not arrived at easily or lightly, but if the predicted snow/ice/sleet arrives as predicted, roads will be hazardous for runners driving to the site as well as during the race. Directional arrows and signs would be difficult or impossible to see on a very complicated course, and the possibility of hypothermia, for race workers as well as participants, would be high.

In the 31 years of the Boston Buildup Winter Series I can not recall postponing TWO races in the same year, so this is an unprecedented situation. I guess we got spoiled by the last couple of winters."

definitely better safe than sorry!

unfortunately for me (and a small band of intrepid runners), the rescheduled date conflicts with the celebrate life half marathon - arrgh! well, those are the breaks... the rescheduled 15k conflicted w/the manhattan half (and opted for the manhattan half). the 20k conflicted with the bronx half (and opted for the 20k)....

my march race schedule is not even a day old, and it's already in re-write mode :0

here are the race photos from the 25k!
here is a video clip and media coverage of the 25k.
here is my race report.

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Anonymous said...

aw shucks!

I am so bummed about the weather tomorrow. I am skipping a race, just in case. Hard to believe it was so nice and warm yesterday!