Sunday, February 1, 2009

bruce springsteen's superbowl halftime show: video clips and setlist

with only 12 minutes and four songs at his disposal, bruce springsteen took the stage in tampa and rocked the halftime show at superbowl XVIII - with his own ref to throw a delay of game flag to end his performance ;)

here is the setlist:

tenth avenue freezeout
born to run
working on a dream
glory days

while what 3 of the songs would be lead to a lot of speculation, "working on a dream" - the title cut to his new album, was a sure bet :D

here is the entire 12 minute performance, in two parts, courtesy of youtube!

oh, and for the record, the steelers beat arizona 27-23 to become the first team to win the superbowl 6 times!!

i didn't have the energy to add this last night, but the ny times ran an interesting story on springsteen, "the rock laureate," in the sunday arts and leisure section. here is what bruce said about his prep for the halftime show:

"Party or not, Mr. Springsteen has thought through his Super Bowl set meticulously. “It was very challenging to try and get that exact 12 minutes. I found that in a funny way it was very freeing. O.K., these are your boundaries, so put everything that you have into just this box,” he said. “If you do it right, you should feel the tension of it wanting to spread beyond that time frame. But it can’t.”
. . .

"At rehearsal he strutted across the stage: testing banter, brandishing his guitar, belting lyrics and jiving with Mr. Van Zandt. As the band finished a run-through, someone holding a timer called out the length of the set. “We’ve got one-sixteenth of a second left,” Mr. Springsteen exulted. “And we plan to use it.”"

the ny times followed up that overly effusive and glowing look at springsteen with a rather lame review of the actual show this morning (in the sports section).

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