Tuesday, February 3, 2009

empire state building run-up today!

this morning will interrupt my day at the office with a trip over to the empire state building for the 32nd annual run-up. it will be my second time at this unique event, following (inside, luckily) in the footsteps of that venerable super primate, king kong ;)

i'll post some pictures and a "climb" report late this afternoon. but this post is to highlight two separate newspaper stories profiling a pair of incredible women participants in today's run-up:

the wall street journal has this great story, the stair climber, on legendary nina kuscsik. she's lining up today for her 8th esbsru! my friends and i had the pleasure and honor of meeting her last spring, at the preview of the fred lebow documentary, "run for your life" at the tribeca film festival.

and, someone who needs little, if any, introduction to readers of this blog, ctmarathoner (a/k/a emmy) was profiled in yesterday's edition of "greenwich time" (thanks to john for the heads up on that story)! emmy is running her 7th esbru today!

here are some "fast facts" about the race at the empire building site.

here are my photos from the 2009 run-up!

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