Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Happy National Radio Day - 2019!

How ironic is it that my last post, from April, was about radio!  That post was to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day - which is primarily about broadcasting (the ham radio variety).  Today is about the receiving king - listening to programming broadcast over the airwaves!

To quote from last year's post:

National Radio Day is a time for communities across the country to celebrate radio. The goal is to strengthen the radio ecosystem, highlighting all kinds of radio, but especially stations that focus on local service. We want to ensure that amazing noncommercial stations are included in the national conversation.

Given that physical radios - as well as old school over the air broadcasts - are starting to fade away (the scary trend in Europe is to abolish the FM service) it's all the more important to support your local radio station!

So celebrate by tuning in!  My plan is to fire up the shortwave radio (old school) :D