Friday, January 11, 2019

Done!  I "ran" the NYRR 2019 Virtual Resolution Run 5K last night.  This was my 4th NYRR Virtual Race (and the second New Year's Resolution Run).   Never the same as actually participating in a race, but good enough excuse to run faster than training pace :D
Missing from this run was the virtual bib, which I did like from last year's race.  Regardless, this Resolution Run, at 26:32,8:33 pace, it was a solid 2 minutes faster than the 2018 edition!  The 8:33 pace was a solid minute plus faster than my average training run pace over the last couple of months.  So while it's not a race substitute, it's great training.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

It was 20 Years Ago Today... The Sopranos Debuted on HBO

Twenty years is a long time - back to the last millennium, actually.  On January 10, 1999 the first episode of The Sopranos was aired on HBO (during what would be the year of Y2K fears).  Who would have imagined it would become one of the greatest TV series of all-time (seriously)!

I must admit, I didn't become a fan until the season 5!  In what was something of an tradition back then, I would buy the complete (previous year) season box CD set for my brother as Christmas presents.  When I finally watched the show it was pretty funny asking him for those previous season boxed sets so I could binge watch them to catch up!  Long before the days of streaming - haha.

Anyway, as a lead-up to the anniversary, HBO has been airing a complete season, day by day, since the weekend.  They are up to season 6, part 2 (or, season 7, if you will) - the final year.

I'm decidedly in the camp that hates the fade to black finale.  But it doesn't detract from my overall love of the show. 

So celebrate the anniversary by watching a few episode today :D