Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving - 2019

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

I got in a few windy miles this morning (just under 4) before starting on our Turkey day family dinner.  Part one, the potatoes and turkey are officially in the oven.  Now for a little break before returning to kitchen duty.  My brother and his family will get here around 3 or so - then we sit down to Thanksgiving :D

On a related note, while I haven't missed road races, it's times like these that I really miss going to races.  What I really miss around the holidays - like any one of the dozens of Turkey Trots in the area - isn't the actual race, but all the pre and post-race socializing w/my running friends :(

Hopefully the urge to jump back into a race will return by Christmas.  I'm sure there'll by a few Santa runs out there :D

Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Understanding Impeachment" Panel Presentation

This afternoon I had some fun as a participant on the "Understanding Impeachment" Panel that was held at Pace University.  Three professors, a moderator, and a lecture hall of students (with some some faculty and guests mixed in) :D

The first speaker covered the Constitutional provision, I covered the prior impeachments in U.S. history, and the final speaker talked about the present impeachment "investigation" taking place in the House.

Not my typical bailiwick (which is generally tax law) - but it was a great change of Pace (intentional pun :O) and it was nice to have one of my current Con Law students in the audience.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Running Home - from work?!

This afternoon took an unexpected turn, to put in mildly!  That's me, barely smiling, on the Bronx River Greenway, just at the Harney Road exit.  How I got there was via an easy (10-11 pace) run from Crestwood Station.  I've run this stretch 100's of times - but not in non-running clothes (e.g. those that I go to work in)!

But, when the Metro North Harlem line is shut down thanks to a fallen utility pole - it seemed like the thing to do.  In fact, the train was half-way to the Scarsdale station when it stopped, went into reverse and returned to Crestwood.  The only announcement was that there was a blockage on the tracks and no estimated time of departure.  A little while later, more dire announcement - it was a fallen utility pole and they were waiting for Con Ed to arrive and turn off the power before any removal efforts could get underway....

That was my cue to get going - and thankfully I had my sneakers on :D

For someone who should temporarily rename this "writedangerously" given the long stretch of weekends at the office - the 2 mile run was actually a lot of fun.