Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Radio Desperado" Netherlands shortwave pirate radio 6290 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This great eQSL arrived from Radio Desperado this afternoon.  It came only a few hours after I sent the reception report - to the correct email address!  I heard Radio Desperado broadcasting from the Netherlands, on 6290 khz, via the SDR at Twente, more than two weeks ago.  I submitted a report and learned, just this morning, that I had used an incorrect (or old) email address.  I forwarded the old report and audio clip to Radio Desperado (at the correct address) - and received the above eQSL!

Thanks Eddy!

Monday, September 28, 2015

"Pirate BBC Radio" North American shortwave pirate radio 6850 khz eQSL

I just received this eQSL from Pirate BBC Radio tonight.  They were relaying BBC news programming when I tuned in on 6850 kHz, via my Sangean ATS 909 receiver.  Tonight I logged a second pirate relaying a regular broadcaster's programming (CKUT Shortwave, relaying the International Radio Report).  That's on the heels of hearing Hobart Radio International's program relayed over Cupid Radio this weekend!

One thing is for sure, it's great to see a BBC "QSL" these days - even if it's via pirate radio :D

Thank Tony!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Radio Arcadia" Italian shortwave pirate radio 6850 khz (via SDR) eQSL

Received this excellent eQSL from Radio Arcadia today!  I heard them on 6850 kHz, broadcasting from Italy (near Milan), via the SDR at Twente.  The programming consisted of some great free-form jazz fusion music (not your standard pirate fare)!  In addition to the eQSL, two additional images were included - and I really dig the one with the jazz musicians :D

Many thanks Captain Arcadia!

2015 Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon: Course Check


This morning I ran the Paine to Pain course check - the actual trail half marathon is next weekend.  It seemed as if there were fewer runners doing the preview this year.  That was unfortunate because the weather was fantastic (and last year the weather was notable for the unusually high humidity).

The trail system was great.  The run began at the Leatherstocking trail head, which is about 3/4 of a mile from the actual start of the race (at the New Rochelle High School).  I enjoyed the course very much - especially since most of it is literally steps away from the roads I run on every week!  It's truly a hidden gem.

It took me, including a few stops, just over 2:13 to complete the course.  As we discovered last year, some trail pixies affixed Paine to Paine magnets to our cars :D

Can't wait for the actual event next Sunday!  As always, if you're at the race - say hello :D

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Burn it Down Radio" North American shortwave pirate radio 6950 khz USB eQSL

This great eQSL arrived today from Burn it Down Radio!  I heard them last week, broadcasting on 6950 kHz, USB, on my Sangean ATS 909 receiver.  They played a good selection of 80's music - Styx, Police, Boston, and Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks duo, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around!"  Good Stuff :D

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pirate Radio Stations Verified Certificate from L'Associazione Italiana Radioacolto (L'A.I.R.) - Level 2

Today I received my new Certificate from L'Associazione Italiana Radioascolto (roughly translated, the Italian Radio Listeners Association) for having verified reception of 50 or more pirate radio stations!   It is the 2nd of the 4 levels of recognition, in terms of the number of stations heard and verified (10, 30, 50 and 100 stations), with regard to non-traditional (e.g. pirate) broadcasters.  Last month i earned the 3rd level Certificate (30 or more pirate stations verified).

Of the 50 submissions for this level, approximately twenty percent (20%) are North American pirate broadcasters. The remaining eighty percent (80%) are European pirates logged via the SDR at the University of Twente.

It may take me a few more months to reach the 1st level (100 or more stations) - but it will be fun getting there!

Thank you Fiorenzo for processing my diploma!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

R.I.P. - Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra died last night, at the age of 90.  He was legend - that long ago transcended baseball - and become a cultural icon.  Most people have probably use a few of his Yogi- isms (or variations of them) a week.  I can't count the number of times I've said "It ain't over till it's over" or "It's deja' vu all ever again" (probably my favorite).

You couldn't grow up a Yankee fan in the 70's and 80's without having the "feud" become a touchstone of your view of Steinbrenner (and management in general).  And wait for the inevitable reconciliation, so late in coming, in 1999 to bring the Yankee family back together.  The same day (for Yogi), both Berra and Larson were in the Stadium and watch Dave Cone throw a perfect game!  That was some kind of baseball miracle - "deja vu all over again" - writ large?!

Yogi is one of my all-time favorite Yankees (and baseball players, in general).  He's right alongside Thurman Munson (fellow catcher), Phil Rizzuto (fellow legend), and Don Mattingly - to mention a few, in no particular order.

Read his full obituary from the NY Times.

Rest in Peace Yogi Berra

Happy Autumnal Equinox - 2015 :D

Welcome Autumn (and so long Summer)....

Autumn officially arrived at 4:22 AM EDT (8:22 UTC) - 10 minutes before I woke up this morning.  It's one of those bittersweet events because it mean Summer is over.  The tradeoff is cooler temperatures.  I don't think it's a truly even exchange :O

Aside from the weather, the days will be getting shorter with fewer hours of daylight.  Soon enough, my post-work runs will be in the dark.  That's one change I certainly won't be looking forward to with open arms.

But the big payoff of Fall is Color!  I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors - and falling (now raking them is an entirely different matter) - haha.

Happy Autumn!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 NYRR Volunteer Requirement: Marathon Packet Prep

This afternoon - in something of a complete surprise - I found myself at the NYRR building for my 2015 volunteer requirement.  It was just yesterday that I checked to see what opportunities were open so I could pencil in my +1 for this year.  Since each time I checked over the last few months there were no openings for packet pick-up at the NYRR office (my preferred choice), I was becoming resigned to the idea of having to volunteer at a weekend race (my plan B).

So I was practically stunned to see openings for Marathon Packet Prep that day and today (with various shifts).  I signed up and literally 24 hours later I was assembling the paperwork (various instruction sheets) that would later be added to the Marathon bags picked up by runners at the Expo.  It was interesting to be seated in the room we typically stand in to hand out bibs!  Above is photo of my little station where I complied the 4 documents and stacked them (before they were moved to trays/boxes for storage).

Now I have completed 8+1 for the 2016 NYC Marathon.  The 2015 Marathon itself will be, fittingly, race number 9 :D

Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 B.U.S. Brookville 6-Hour Run: Race Photos & Results

I was a little surprised to find myself lined up for the B.U.S. 6-Hour Run in Brookville Park this morning!  But I am very glad that I switched from my plan to run the Fall Frolic 30k on Sunday.  Aside from the unbearable humidity during the first couple of hours - it was a great day.  I not only reached my main goal (20 miles) and second (marathon), but also managed to eek out my third (50k)! 

It was also great to see so many friends from the ultra community.  This was my first B.U.S. event since the 3-Hour Run way back in January!  This was my first ultra distance since the Sybil Ludington 50k in 2014! :O

I'll write up a short race report in the next day or so.

Here is link to the preliminary results posted by B.U.S.

The rest of my photos are posted on Facebook.

Friday, September 18, 2015

"Radio City" relayed via Challenger Radio 847 khz (via SDR) eQSL

Received this great eQSL from Radio City this afternoon - just a couple of hours after submitting a reception report.  Interestingly, it's program was being relayed on 3 different frequencies - by two separate broadcasters!  I started on 7290 kHz (relayed via IRRS in Italy) - but the band was pretty much closed/dead.  I moved down to 1368 kHz (relayed Challenger Radio, Padova, Italy) and found Radio City battling with another station to be heard.  Finally, on 847 kHz (also relayed by Challenger Radio in Padova, Italy) was reception possible!  The last two frequencies were medium wave (as opposed to shortwave).

Thanks Radio City!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Enterprise Radio" Italian shortwave pirate radio testing on 6950 khz (via SDR) eQSL

I've listened to Enterprise Radio many times over the last few months.  I listened to their broadcast, from Italy, on 6950 kHz this afternoon (via the SDR at Twente).  Some good easy listening tunes - "What is Love" (Howard Jones) followed by "Wonderful Life" was played.  Later I noticed that Captain Denny posted on Facebook how hat particular broadcast had been a test (and had it's own eQSL).  A short while later - - this great eQSL arrived on my FB page!

Thanks Denny!

"Radio Paardenkratch" Netherlands shortwave pirate radio 6210 khz (via SDR) eQSL

I just received this eQSL + the excellent slideshow of photos from Radio Paardenkratch ("Powerhouse")!  I tuned in to their broadcast on 6210 kHz (via SDR at Twente), broadcasting from the Netherlands.  They played some classics - including "Radar Love" by Golden Earing.

Thanks Nico!

"Long Live Radio" Eastern European shortwave pirate radio 6290 khz (via SDR) eQSL

I just received this fantastic eQSL from Long Live Radio!  I tuned in to their broadcast on 6290 khz (via SDR at Twente), transmitting from Eastern Europe. 

The email gives a brief history of the staion:

Our radio station was born as experimental project in 2011. The first test transmission was realized on first half of September 2011 on a frequency of 52 meter band and consisted of some looped music.

The same transmitting system was used then as we have now: master oscillator, power amplifier and modulator, all are home-made, built of old vacuum tubes, PC and primitive endfeed long wire as an aerial. Our QTH is high secret location in one of the countries of ex-USSR (Eastern Europe). The output power (carrier) is usually 30-50 W.

In December 2012 we have moved to more popular 48 meter band. At present time we are broadcasting occasionally on frequencies between 6200 and 6400 kHz with amplitude modulation, however some tests on other frequencies are possible too.

Since start of our mission we receive many reception reports from 20 countries of Europe, Asia and North America. About 95% of reports were confirmed by eQSLs. Today LLR mainly focuses on various hard and alternative music from whole world.

Thanks Long Live Radio!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Radio Monique Netherlands shortwave pirate radio 3935 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This great eQSL arrived from Radio Monique this afternoon - only a few hours after I sent in a reception report.  I logged Radio Monique on 3935 kHz, broadcasting from the Netherlands, via the SDR at Twente.  At first it was difficult to make out the audio above the noise level, but conditions improved enough to make out David Bowie ("Rebel, Rebel") and Tears for Fears.  Good Stuff.

Thanks Radio Monique!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WREC "Radio Free East Coast" North American shortwave pirate radio 6925 khz USB eQSL

Just received this great eQSL from Radio Free East Coast - WREC.  I heard them testing their new linear amp on Sunday night, on 6925 kHz, USB (upper side band), via my Sangean 909 receiver.  They aired an eclectic bit of programming - covers of the Clash "I Fought the Law" and Grand Funk RR "American Band" plus a comedy sketch (didn't recognize that) and a Star Trek spoof! 

Thanks PJ Sparx!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Radio Latino" Italian shortwave pirate radio 7590 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This fantastic eQSL arrived today from Radio Latino!  I tuned in to their station yesterday on 7590 kHz, broadcasting from Italy, via the SDR at Twente.   They played a pair of great songs back to back, Culture Club's "Do You Really Want to hurt Me?" followed by Tom Jones "Delilah" - good stuff!

Thanks Marco!

2015 NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile: Race Photos & Results

The Fifth Avenue Mile was NYRR race number 8 of 2015 for me.  I haven't run this one in a long time (maybe 10 years)!  But it's always fun to run a mile - especially on a straightaway.

As for my mile, the 6:39 was probably my slowest one mile race.  But given that I had run the Norwalk Half Marathon yesterday, I was more than pleased with it :D

It was also fun to get live results at the finish!  One more race + the volunteer requirement and I have my 9+1 for the 2016 NYCM :D

Here are the race results from NYRR (via live results page).

"Radio Quintus" Netherlands shortwave pirate radio 6325 khz (via SDR) eQSL

This great eQSL arrived from Radio Quintus just a few hours after I submitted a reception report yesterday afternoon!  I tuned in to broadcast on 6325 kHz, from the Netherlands, via the SDR at Twente.
Thank you Radio Quintus!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Norwalk Half Marathon: Race Photos & Results


It was a good day to run - relative to the rest of the week - a half marathon.  While it was deceptively humid, the weather was a good deal milder this morning than the heat wave of the prior few days.  I missed the Norwalk Half last year because of my little scalding accident.  So I was surprised at the finishers medals (which Don introduced last year).  I wasn't surprised at - and happily looking forward to - the post-race ice cream :D

As for my race, I was more than pleased with the 1:48:16 finish (8:16 pace).  While I would have liked to shoot for a 1:45, that wasn't in the cards.  And a 1:50 seemed like a soft target.  So I had a sub 1:48 goal for the double loop course.  I missed it by 17 seconds...but no worries!

What I am a little worried about is speeding down 5th Avenue tomorrow for the NYRR Mile :O 

Here are the race results from the Lightfoot Runners.

The rest of my pictures are up on Facebook.