Thursday, February 19, 2009

albany winter marathon instead of the cherry tree 10 miler

what's old is new again ;D originally, i had planned to run the hmrrc winter marathon instead of the cherry tree 10 miler. i needed a new boston qualifying time and that marathon fit perfectly in my february race schedule. then, in shocking fashion, the depressing news broke that the boston marathon had filled - and procrastinators like me were out luck - argh! thus, i no longer needed to run that particular race (marathon).

instead, i switched gears and penciled in the cherry tree 10 miler. that was the plan, as recently as this saturday (at the sweetheart run), when emmy, don, rob and i decided to carpool down to brooklyn for the race. then my lackluster stretch of training weeks (which just culminated with the lame weekly mileage of 21) made me realize i needed a solid long run. all of a sudden that low-key winter marathon seemed the perfect long training run.

emmy and rob ran this marathon last year and had plenty of good things to say about it. in need of long training run mileage themselves, they also decided to head north to albany. so on sunday morning, instead of prospect park, brooklyn, we'll be at suny, albany!

here are some race photos.


TonyP said...

Can I catch a ride with you if I can make it ?

rundangerously said...

no problem, anthony!

we'll see you sunday morning!