Friday, February 13, 2009

plaxico burress "situation" with giants "very convoluted" according to his agent.

in a run of recent sports stories that kicked off with a a few salacious leaks from joe torre's kiss and tell book, "the yankee years," which was then kicked off the front burner by the leak of alex rodriguez' steriod use during 2001-03 seasons and, in turn, was momentarily bumped aside by news of brett favre's retirement from the jets (after one lonely season) - we now read the news that plaxico's agent sent word the other nfl teams that burress is available for a trade!!

this particular news should be hilariously inconsequential in view of (a) the giants didn't give burress permission to seek a trade and (b), more importantly, plaxico next move may be from giants stadium to rikers island, if he's convicted of gun possession charges and a mandatory jail term in imposed. there is nothing "convoluted whatsoever about his situation with the giants. his accidental, self-inflicted, gunshot wound triggered the giants late season spiral into oblivion. now plaxico is set to go on trial and, if convicted, possibly serve jail time.

that his agent is already shopping him around may be great forward thinking, in his mind. coupled with the grievances filed on plaxico's behalf by the players union over the 4 game suspension and fines imposed on him by the giants for the gunshot incident, it may finally show team management that plaxico has to go (and not, as they hope, return and play for the giants down the road)!

the giants should redouble the search for their new number one receiver!!

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