Thursday, February 26, 2009

march 2009 race schedule

just finished putting together my race schedule for march - and it already had a switch, of sorts. had tentatively planned to start the month with the caumsett park 50k, but on the heels of the albany winter marathon last weekend, the boston build-up 25k makes more sense (and, if the forecasted bad weather arrives on sunday, will spend half the time outside).

3/8 - boston build-up, 25k -[rescheduled from 3/1]
3/14 - nyrr 8000
3/15 - trrc st. patrick's day 10k
3/22 - nyrr colon cancer 15k - [registration closed, volunteer opportunity]
3/22 - spring equinox 8k - [dns]
3/28 - wurtsboro mountain 30k
3/29 - scarsdale 4 miler -[w/katie]

except for the celebrate life half marathon (which will be my first time), all the races are old friends - so to speak. i've run each one multiple times over the past few years. the celebrate life half, which does a loop of wolfe lake in sullivan county, takes place in the shadow of one of my all time favorite races, the wurtsboro mountain 30k.

the shortest race this month, the st. patrick's day 10k, is a club event. with some luck, post-race beverages may include beer :D

of the pair of 15k's in march, the scarsdale road race is a surprise addition (and another of my favorite - albeit hometown - races). it's often held the first weekend in april - so the earlier date lets me get it on the calendar.

not even a day old and i'm already revising this thing! first off i discover to my utter shock that the nyrr colon cancer 15k has filled! unbelievable! seems like my procrastinating ways have caught up to me w/a vengeance! first boston closed, and now this bit of unpleasantness - arrgh! on the bright side, it presents a volunteer opportunity.

then weather concerns lead to the postponement of the boston build-up 25k until next weekend! that is another bummer because the new date conflicts with the celebrate life half marathon - ironically, the only "new" race on this month's schedule. this will be a tough choice.

hard choice, but have to go with the rescheduled boston build-up 25k this weekend. and since i got closed out of the colon cancer 15k, i just registered for the nyrr 8000. still considering volunteering at the 15k, so it could satisfy the nycm guaranteed entry requirment.

just added the spring equinox 8k to the schedule. from no 8k's in years, to a pair on back to back weekends following the nyrr 8000! also, will probably switch from the scarsdale 15k down to the 4 miler and run that one with katie!


UltraBrit said...

What about the Boston Blowout 30k? I thought we were shooting for the back-to-back. On the 15th I'll be running the St. Patrick's day 4 miler in Fairfield.

Anonymous said...

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Jim McCord
cross country runner 2002

DawnB said...

I'm sure you already know th 25k was cancel and reschedule for 3/8