Monday, February 23, 2009

evans brewing company at the albany pump station

after the albany winter marathon emmy, rob, and i headed over to the evans brewing company at the albany pump station (10 minute from the race site) before we made the drive home.

the highlight, for me, was a terrific sampler of the evans microbrew on tap: 7 three ounce glasses of each beer (the only one missing was the hefeweizen)! of the selection, the munich dunkel was by far the stand-out. rob had a pint of the quakenbush blonde, and emmy had a pint of their kick-ass brown ale - both great choices.

my sampler!

should we stay, or should we go?

reluctantly, we decide to head home (after one round).
update: some pictures from our 2010 visit to evans brewing, again after the albany winter marathon!


A Plain Observer said...

hey, I should have been there! I'm upset about this!

rundangerously said...


we should go for some drinks after celebrate life!

TonyP said...

What a great post-race recovery drink !