Friday, February 6, 2009

what happened to the 2009 brooklyn half marathon??

thanks to a timely heads up from brooklyn running, it seems that the brooklyn half marathon has mysteriously disappeared from the nyrr race calendar! is this a new case of the brooklyn half marathon blues - take three?! what gives?? in december, the 2009 edition of the brooklyn half was penciled in with a tentative date of may 30 - the weekend after memorial day. it was, by far, the latest date on an ever increasing move further and further away from it's traditional home of march on the nyrr race calendar.

now it's not even on the calendar! what a cruel irony, on the very same day the nyrr sent out the email alert about the upcoming race registration price increase, my favorite race is dropped (temporarily?) from the calendar - arrgh! fwiw, the last weekend in may is now occupied by the 5 mile japan day run.

hopefully, this mystery will be resolved soon.

stay tuned. i'll update this post when information on the new date is announced

update - well, sort of: the nyrr returned the brooklyn half marathon to the may schedule - on the very same may 30, in fact. except, it's joined with an "*" that points out the date is merely tentative!!

"Please note that this date is tentatively scheduled. Final race date for the Brooklyn Half may change."

well, that certainly clarifies things :D
update: thanks for this heads up from brooklyn running: with the may 30 date still not finalized (as of april 4), mary wittenburg will attend the propect park track club's monthly meeting this monday night (april 6). hopefully, we'll get some definitive information about the half from that meeting.

UPDATE: the may 30 date has been finalized and race registration is now open (as of today, april 6). i just registered :D

and now, the nyc half marathon too?? it's now off the nyrr race calendar!!
UPDATE: back on the calendar, date changed to august 16 (nike no longer the sponsor).

FINAL UPDATE: not only is the brooklyn half marathon a go, but the course has been reversed! the race will start in prospect park and finish at the beach on coney island!!


Anonymous said...

One can only hope they'll restore it to March, where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

Also, could this be related to the reconstruction of some of the boardwalk. As you know, the boardwalk is a bit of a mess (runing hazard???) in spots and gets worse every year.

Anonymous said...

I was just registering my races and noticed this too. I've emailed NYRR to confirm a date.

From Janet at NYRR:

Should be on may. We are jiust waiting for the approval from the community board.

Morrissey said...

Yeah....i noticed that as well. however i registered for japan day. im still figuring how would I do the brooklyn half and japan day as a back to back ?!

Anonymous said...

This totally happened last year with the Queens Half. Soo frustrating, it totally screwed up my training calendar when they rescheduled it. And when will they ever start putting the Staten island Half four weeks out from the NYC Marathon instead of three weeks so as to help our taper rather than mess it all up?