Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 nyrr five borough series recap

staten island wrapped up the 2014 five borough series for me.  it was the first time i've completed all five events in consecutive years (and my 3rd complete series).  this year's results were the opposite of my 2013 finishes - then i started slow and got stronger.  this time around i started stronger and got slower!  still, i was more than happy to get in all 5 events.  also, this year was the first year that the nyc half marathon replaced the manhattan half marathon as the borough standard bearer.

here are my 2014 results:

nyc half marathon  1:43:24
brooklyn half marathon  1:43:23
queens 10k  47:07
bronx 10 miler  1:22:14
staten island half marathon 1:48:48

here are my 2013 results

manhattan half marathon  1:45:31
brooklyn half marathon  1:45:01
queens 10k  45:54
bronx 10 miler  1:15:29
staten island half marathon  1:44:28

as always, the brooklyn half marathon is my favorite race of the series :D 

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