Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 manhattan half marathon: race photos and results

it was cold (20 degrees) for the manhattan half this morning.  but for the stretches that weren't too windy, it wasn't a bad day for a run - especially with the sun that broke over the horizon as the race was getting underway.  the park seemed crowded for the frigid weather conditions. surprisingly, the nyrr have yet to post the race statistics, as they typically do with the race results.

as for my race, i missed my 1:45 target by 30 seconds.  i was solidly on pace for the first 10 miles, but the last 5k took it's toll and my overall pace slipped to over 8 minutes (8:04).  given the weather, i was more than happy with that result.  the only downside of the morning was the mess at baggage check.  the bags were arranged in too narrow of a space for the volume and resulted in a sea of bags more than a dozen deep. it was tough to find your bag in that pile up - and then having stepping over the bags in front to reach it.

this was race number two in my 2013 nine plus one for the 2014 marathon.

here are the race results from the nyrr.

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Yum Runner said...

Congrats on an awesome finish! I was out there running with you. I agree that the weather took it's toll on us, but it sounds like you did really well.