Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 boston buildup 10k: race photos and results

the winter raceing season arrived with the kick-off of the 2013 boston buildup 10k at the brien mcmahon high school in norwalk this morning!  it was as much a reunion of old friends as it was a competitive event.  and, as if anticipating the high spirits, the weather warmed up (inching above the freezing mark for the first time in days).

it was my second 10k in as many days.  i had gone down to central park for the klienerman 10k yesterday.  it was 32 degrees for the 8 a/m. start.  this time around we didn't line up until 10 - which was fine with me :D

amazingly, despite the different courses, i ran basically the same times (48:41 in central park, 48:44 in norwalk).  the major difference was the pacing - which i kept at 7:45 miles for the first 5 miles this morning, only to it all back climbing the last hill (with a whopping 8:20+ split)!  still, it was fun (both days, actually).

here are the race results from clubct.

a few more race photos up on facebook.

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