Wednesday, October 1, 2014

october 2014 race schedule

october kicks off with a big question mark because i still haven't decided what race to run this weekend!  it's between greta's gallop and the ridgefield half (and a third, the harvest half up in red hook).  right now the slight nod goes to greta's because it's a team race. but i'd rather head up to ridgefield - a decent drive - or the harvest half - and even further drive.  regardless of the choice, i run a half this weekend :D

the only definite for the month is the staten island half - the 5th and final race in the 2014 5 boro series.  if i run greta's the week before, it will become my 9th qualifying race for the 2015 nycm (otherwise that would wait until the 2014 nycm next month).  the day before i'd love to do the "run for the rings" half in brooklyn - but will have to settle for "virtual" participation instead.

the following weekend is a toss-up between the harry chapin 10k here in westchester and the great pumkin run in trumbull.  it the old days (like a couple of years ago), this wouldn't have been a conflict because the harry chapin 10k was one of only a handful of afternoon races.  now it moved to a morning start... so need to choose!

last, but not least, is a return to the ghosts & goblins 5k in westport (sherwood island, actually) for the last weekend.  i would love to run the wilton Halloween hustle 5k - probably me favorite Halloween themed race - but flying out to barcelona the night before.  i'll be back in time to head over to the nyc marathon expo later that week :D

here's how it looks so far:

10/5 - tbd - half marathon (edge to greta's gallop)
10/11 - "virtual" run for the rings
10/12 - staten island half marathon
10/19 - great pumpkin 4m or harry chapin 10k
10/25 - ghosts & goblins 5k

as always, if you're at any of these events - say hello :D

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