Thursday, October 30, 2014

2014 nyc marathon expo: some photos :D

the most surprising moments of the nyc marathon expo this afternoon was entering the bib pick-up area with having to undergo a security check!  in fact, stunned might more appropriately describe my reaction - no searches, no id checks!  it was a positive stunned - glad we just got to go about our business without all the delay - read, lines - associated with all the security.  now if something bad happens there'll be tons of second guessing.  but i, for one, am happy with the return to normalcy :D

as for the expo itself, i ran into jim just i exited the official merchandise bazaar.  then saw emmy volunteering at the pacing booth.  there i briefly daydreamed about returning to the days when i could run 3:15 marathons - haha!  next to the pacers booth was katherine switzer, who was promoting her new book!  i also ran into david - who is running his 39th consecutive nyc marathon this weekend!

all in all it was a fun time.  and now, with that behind us, time to dwell on the weather forecast -- which seems to predict chilly conditions for sunday... brrr!


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