Saturday, November 1, 2014

november 2014 race schedule

last month i only ran one race - the staten island half.  i can't remember the last time i only managed one race in an entire month (albeit i did travel to barcelona for business last month)!  this month should see me run a few more races :D

... starting off with the nyc marathon tomorrow!  this is probably my favorite race, and this one will be number 12.  it will complete my 9+1 requirement for guaranteed entry into the 2015 edition of the nyc marathon - hurray!  while i'm not especially trained for it this year, i'm still looking forward to running every step of it :D

next weekend i hope to change things up a bit - running the beautiful trails of minnewaska state park at the "after the leaves have fallen" half marathon (bumped up from its previous 20k distance).  i've done this one before, as a 20k - and run those trails in other races - and its a spectacular place to run (any distance).

then my schedule gets a bit iffy because i'm planning to head up to Michigan to visit Katie, but haven't nailed down the exact date.  right now it's looking as if it'll be the weekend of 15-16 -- but it may be pushed back to 22-23.  given the uncertainty, i really can't pin down a race for either weekend.  but stay tuned and i'll update this once we confirm the travel weekend.

but i will definitely run thanksgiving morning - and right now that looks like the gateway gobbler in greenwich.   then, keeping with tradition, i'll head back to greenwich that weekend and volunteer at the 5k (which, for the first time, i also ran last year)!

here's how it looks so far:

11/2 - nyc marathon
11/9 - after the leaves have fallen half marathon
11/27 - gateway gobbler, 6m
11/29 - alliance for education 5k [volunteer]

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