Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 staten island half marathon: race photos & results

it's done!  the staten island half was race number five in the 5 boro grand prix series!  it's also race number 8 in my 9+1 for the 2015 nyc marathon - and, fittingly, the 2014 nyc marathon close the circle and complete my requirements! 

as for the race itself, it was a chilly morning (not breaking 50 degrees at the start). one of my favorite part of this event is the ferry ride over to staten island.  except for the wind chill outside the cabin, this ride was no exception (but the ride back was strictly an inside affair given the construction of the that ferry). 

before the start, i was interviewed by ny1 about using the half as part of training for the nyc marathon.  i was surprised that some of that interview actually made it into the broadcast coverage

as for my training for the nyc marathon, it's been a mixed bag this season.  still i was pleased with my 1:48:48 finish (well under my 1:50 target).  it was basically a training run, but i doubt i could have gone under 1:45 even if i had tried to push it (although with the bathroom pit stop and having to retie my laces - twice - i wasted almost 2 minutes).

the biggest shock of the day was seeing a runner down less than a mile from the turnaround!  the police were performing cpr on him as the ems truck race over to his location.  that was one of the scariest moments i've every seen during a race.  i hope that runner is okay!

here are the race results from nyrr.


here are the rest of my photos up on facebook.

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