Sunday, October 26, 2014

greetings from barcelona :D

i just arrived here in barcelona a couple of hours ago, after an overnight flight out of jfk.  it's a short business trip - i fly back home on wednesday morning (and then head over to the nyc marathon expo on thursday). this is my first time in barcelona and i'm looking forward to a little sightseeing in my free time. 

i'm not sure i'll get in much running here, however - and, on the heels of the low mileage week that led up to this trip, the last couple of weeks have put a crimp in my overall training for the nyc marathon.  be that as it may, even with the less than optimal training this year, i'm still looking forward to another 26.2 miles over the streets of nyc next weekend!

but, for the moment, stay tuned and i'll post some pictures from my days here in barcelona :D

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