Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 staten island half marathon packet pick-up

i picked up my shirt and bib for the staten island half marathon this afternoon.  in a twist from last year, the shirt is short-sleeved - instead of a long-sleeved one like 2013. 

logistically, getting to this race will involve quite a commute for me - car to the metronorth, metronorth to grand central, train down to south ferry, and the ferry over to staten island.  then run the race and repeat the commute home.  it's one of those events where the travel time easily eclipses the actual running (or walking) time for the event!

but, it is the fifth and final race in the 5 boro grand pre series!  and, for me, it's point number 8 on the road to 9+1 for the 2015 nyc marathon.  in fact, this year the 2014 nyc marathon will be - hopefully - my ninth and final point to qualify for the 2015 race!

as always, if you're at this one - say hello!  

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