Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2013 nyrr grand prix patch... and race magnets!

a two for one surprise arrived in the mail from the nyrr - not the just the patch for completing all 5 races in the 2013 five borough grand prix series (that was expected), but the 6 tiny race magnets that came along with patch (totally unexpected).  personally, i dig the magnets more than the patch itself.  each race shirt logo is represented, plus one for the series itself!

i last completed all five races in the grand prix series back in 2005 - a whopping 8 years earlier, when each race was a half marathon.  i normally run 2-3 of the races a year.  occasionally i managed 4 out of the 5.  but running all 5 in one year is a significant logistical accomplishment (aside from actually finishing the races themselves).

this year (2014) will see yet another variation to the composition of the series with the switch of the nyc half marathon for the manhattan half.  running the manhattan half counts toward the 4 of 5 races for guaranteed entry into the 2015 nyc half, but it no longer counts toward the 5 boro series itself (i believe).

last, but not least, the envelope contained a certificate of completion that listed each race and the finishing times. all in all, a great job in wrapping up the 2013 series by the nyrr!



Anonymous said...

Nice! Only raced 4 out of 5 probably why I did not get the magnets... Did you figure out how to put the patch on ?...

rundangerously said...

I haven't done anything w/the new one yet ... but I sewed the last one on to my running jacket