Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 boston buildup 20k: race photos & results

 the boston buildup 20k got underway - after two weather related postponements - with some fantastic running weather.  "it was worth the wait" for a race that normally kicks off in frigid conditions!  as a consequence, the 25k (scheduled for next weekend) will likely be pushed back a week to avoid back to back races.
i was more than pleased with my 1:38:03 because it came in well under my 1:40 target!  my goal was to run 8:00 minute miles over the hilly course, on the heels of a 15 mile training run the day before (in lieu of a drive to colchester for the half marathon).  as it turned out, my at 10 miles was 1:19:27 (a 7:56 pace) -- and i managed to pick up it up enough for the last 2.4 miles that i brought down the overall pace to 7:53!

here are the rest of my race photos up on facebook.

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