Saturday, February 1, 2014

february 2014 race schedule

hopefully, february won't be a repeat of my january racing - or lack thereof!  an odd confluence of events led to running only one race - the boston buildup 10k - during january (including a last minute road trip to ann arbor last weekend).  but despite missing a few races, i managed to log 210 training miles for the month. it was my ninth straight month of 200+ miles.

tomorrow kicks off the february races with the trrc freezer 5k in fdr park.  had it not closed out, i would have preferred to run the gridiron 4 miler in central park to collect my first 9+1 point for 2014.  because of that annual conflict i typically only run the second of the two freezer 5 races - the 5 miler mid-month.  this year i'll get to run both.

the following weekend is another pair of february staples - the stratford sweetheart run 4 miler on saturday and the boston buildup 20k the next day.  the 4 miler is over a tough course.  if you're in good condition, it's a great warm-up for the 20k.  otherwise, it'll make running the 20k the next morning more of a challenge than it ordinarily would be :O

the freezer 5 miler is on february 16 - a good recovery weekend that leads up to the colchester half marathon that following saturday, february 22.  colchester is one of my all-time favorite half marathons - old school, low-frills, challenging... and great post-race food!  it's a commute to get to, but well worth the drive time.

here's how it looks so far:

2/2 - trrc freezer 5k
2/8 - stratford sweetheart run, 4m
2/9 - boston buildup 20k
2/16 - trrc freezer 5 miler
2/22 - colchester half marathon

as always, if you're at any of these races - say hello!

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