Monday, January 13, 2014

a pair of weekend 10 mile training runs

at the start of the month i had planned to run a 10 miler on sunday.  instead i registered for a 10k on Saturday. in actuality, i skipped the 10k on saturday because it was raining cats and dogs when i woke up.  i just couldn't drag myself into the city to run a loop of central park (and thus skipped my first nyrr race and 9+1 point of the year).

instead, i slept late saturday morning and ran 10 miles - in mostly damp and drizzling weather - on the post road when i got up.  it took me 1:27:44 (an 8:37 pace) to cover those soggy 10.2 miles.  it wasn't an especially productive run because I felt lousy about bagging the joe kleinerman 10k.  it was just one of those days.

things turned around on sunday - especially since it was warmer and dry outside.  i went back out for another 10 miler and instead of a slog like the day before, it turned into a pretty decent run.  this 10 miler, despite starting off with a pair of 9 minute miles, wound up as a sub-1:20 finish (1:19:26, a 7:57 pace).  to say i was surprised with that performance is an understatement - it was just a few seconds off the time i ran the norfolk pub 10 miler last month!

here are the splits:

8:50  19:50
8:08  25:59
8:06  34:05
7:56  42:01
7:24  49:25
7:36  57:01
7:04  1:04:06
7:23  1:11:29
7:56  1:19:26

7:57 average pace

overall, i was successful in doing cutdown miles for most of the run.  excluding the first two miles, the average pace was roughly 7:40-7:45 minute miles.  either way, the pace was a decent improvement from the 8:36 miles on saturday.  it never ceases to amaze me the difference a day can make in running (or almost anything for that matter) :D

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