Saturday, March 1, 2014

march 2014 race schedule

despite the calendar reading march 1, we're still deep in the throes of winter here in new york.  and, unfortunately, with more snow forecast to arrive on monday, it doesn't seem like we'll be thawing out anytime soon.  march kicks off with an unscheduled rest weekend since that the boston buildup 25k, set for tomorrow, was pushed back until next weekend (because of the two postponements to the 20k).  that means i have to miss the celebrate life half marathon - argh!

the rest weekend, however, suits me fine because i had a high mileage end to February. i  logged 200 miles (200.3) for the 28 day month - which included 75 miles over the last 7 days.  it's been my highest mileage training stretch since coming back from the nasty bout with chronic compartment syndrome.  when the snow melts and the track finally reemerges at the high school, i'll get back to some intervals/speedwork.

the highlight of this month is the nyrr nyc half marathon.  it's become one of my favorite (albeit expensive) half marathons.  this edition includes a slightly modified course, which results in just one loop of central park before we head downtown.  it will by my first nyc half in a couple of years.  the first one that finishes at the south street seaport, in fact.  the only downside is the date, which means missing out on the trrc st. patrick's day races at fdr park :(

the following weekend is a low mileage one, with the spring equinox 8k the only race planned.  it's an afternoon race - over a hilly course - which makes for an interesting change of pace.  i'll need that bit of recovery coming off the 25k and half weekends and the pair of 30ks coming up the next one. 

i haven't done the wurtsboro 30k/boston blowout 30k double in a few years.  i'm looking forward to it - especially wurtsboro, one of my favorite races.  but lining up for the blowout means missing the trrc mudders & grunters 5 miler, another of my all-time favorites.  it will be the second trrc race i'll miss this month :(

here's how the schedule looks so far:

3/9 - boston buildup 25k
3/16 - nyc half marathon
3/23 - spring equinox 8k
3/29 - wurtsboro mountain 30k
3/30 - boston blowout 30k

as always, if you're at any of them - say hello!

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